Crack the Cap

SITUATION: Herbal Essences is an established brand known for its enticing fragrances. Our challenge was to make it more relevant to a younger audience in a crowded and constantly changing marketplace. APPROACH: We created a faux social issue around ‘cap crackers’ in supermarkets. The more irresistible the fragrance the greater the extremes women go to […]

As individual as they are

SITUATION: A prostate cancer diagnosis is different for every male with each individual requiring different needs. Astra Zeneca developed a unique program delivering a tailored approach for individual needs. APPROACH: We created unexpected and provocative imagery to amplify empathy and start a conversation between company and doctor with the message – a treatment as individual […]

Beware of What you Share

SITUATION: Meningococcal disease can cause death within hours if not properly treated. It’s passed from person to person in close living situations like shared housing and university accommodation. New Zealand had seen a steep rise in cases in 18 to 25 year old’s. APPROACH: To engage a digitally sophisticated audience we used a tactic that […]

Shed your fears

SITUATION: Although Psoriasis affects approximately 450,000 people in Australia, very few understand the condition. Misconceptions surrounding the symptoms undermines patients confidence and often pushes them to retreat from the world – restricting them from living the life they want. But what if we could give them the courage to live their own lives again, on […]

Prescription medicine

Rx brands have the power to change lives. Whether it’s turning a prognosis from months into years, stopping disease in its tracks, or offering new hope. We share our clients’ goal of a healthier future and understand the challenges you face. We’ve helped challenger brands cut through in cluttered markets. Made over ‘heritage’ brands, sparking […]

A New Movement

Situation: Nugget and his stool mate, Miss Metamucil, have become synonymous with regularity and gut health. But when it comes to our toilet habits, Australians believe they’re regular enough. So how do we convince people they can quite literally ‘do’ better? Approach: We started a movement. Nugget, Meta and Gutsy realised that Australians have accepted […]

Wonders of the microbiome

Situation: There is an invisible community of bacteria that lives within all us – our microbiome. It protects us, fuels our body and can even influence our mood. But how do you show people the wonders of a world you cannot see? Approach: We designed a virtual microbiome, allowing HCPs to immerse themselves in this […]

Reassess your MS

Situation: When you live with MS every day is a challenge. But the toughest test is in what lies ahead. Progression is a patient’s biggest fear. No one wants to talk about it. Much less look for tell-tale signs. So how do you get people to recognise the changes and ask for help, when they’re […]