Integrated Campaign for Metamucil

A New Movement

Situation: Nugget and his stool mate, Miss Metamucil, have become synonymous with regularity and gut health. But when it comes to our toilet habits, Australians believe they’re regular enough. So how do we convince people they can quite literally ‘do’ better?

Approach: We started a movement. Nugget, Meta and Gutsy realised that Australians have accepted sub-par pooing for too long. So they launched a campaign to give people the turd they deserve. Our 3 minute film was timed to coincide with the national election, launching on YouTube and Facebook. A Twitter campaign drove views and stunts at local polling booths attracted attention.

Outcomes: In the first week we reached almost 2.5 million views. By the end of the second week we had hit 5.7 million. Twitter went into overdrive and with record breaking engagement rates. Our view through rate was a staggering 57%. And our polling booth visits made the evening news.

’Metamucil’s latest campaign has smashed the record for the most viewed digital ad in Australian history, around double that achieved by 2016’s Australian Lamb ad’

B&T, 22 May 2019