Sanofi Vaccines

Beware of What you Share

SITUATION: Meningococcal disease can cause death within hours if not properly treated. It’s passed from person to person in close living situations like shared housing and university accommodation. New Zealand had seen a steep rise in cases in 18 to 25 year old’s.

APPROACH: To engage a digitally sophisticated audience we used a tactic that was different, on trend and designed to disrupt. We leveraged the social media phenomenon ASMR. But rather than triggering a soothing sensory reaction, we used graphic, jarring SFX,
to create disgust around oversharing.

OUTCOMES: We achieved 400,000 views on Tik Tok which is greater than 20% of target audience. 27% higher click through rate on Spotify vs benchmark, 813,000 impressions on YouTube and 99% view through rate on digital channels. The campaign exceeded KPIs by 60%.

‘A disgustingly successful campaign.’