Disease Awareness Campaign for Novartis

Reassess your MS

Situation: When you live with MS every day is a challenge. But the toughest test is in what lies ahead. Progression is a patient’s biggest fear. No one wants to talk about it. Much less look for tell-tale signs. So how do you get people to recognise the changes and ask for help, when they’re scared of what the future holds?

Approach: All it takes is one person with the courage to talk honestly about their experiences. Because when someone opens up about their fears, others follow.

Outcomes: Over 45,000 people have visited the Reassess Your MS site. 42% took the online assessment and shared the results with their neurologist. And even more started conversations about changes in their MS.

Reassess Your MS not only connected with our audience, it started the conversation about progression and the changes to look for.