Shed your fears

SITUATION: Although Psoriasis affects approximately 450,000 people in Australia, very few understand the condition. Misconceptions surrounding the symptoms undermines patients confidence and often pushes them to retreat from the world – restricting them from living the life they want. But what if we could give them the courage to live their own lives again, on their own terms? To get the help they need and shed their fears.

APPROACH: We invited 6 amazing people to shed their fears by posing nude for photographic portraits and interviews to provide insights into what it means to live with Psoriasis. Utilising the content across multiple channels, we wanted to raise awareness and understanding of the condition & inspire others living with the condition to find support and shed their fears.

OUTCOMES: We made our talent feel more beautiful then they could have imagined:

“I am feeling ethereal. I did not expect to look and feel so beautiful in those photos. Like I feel amazing”

And as the role out across a variety of channels continues, we hope to enable the Psoriasis community to rediscover their confidence and reach out and get the help they need to feel comfortable in their own skin.

‘I am bearing my soul to educate others about what psoriasis looks like.’

Julie, psoriasis ambassador